Feel Good Lost

The longer I stay the less desire I have to keep up this ‘travel’ blog. I know where I’m from, where I was born, where I grew up, where I’ve studied, where I’ve traveled, where I currently live, but none of them alone make a home. “Everywhere I go I take another place with me.” My home is with the people I love, they carry it around with them and share it with me when I’m in their presence. I think of them every day, I miss them every day. It never changes and I’m glad. I’m not losing my sense of self, I’m losing my sense of direction, in the best way. I’m  letting myself get lost, trying to continue to challenge myself in this foreign country I live in, and having fun trying to find myself again. I’m learning to feel good lost so that I can feel  better when I’m found. Here are a few pictures of my last few months, my lost few months.








Congratulations to my lovely sister, Allison, on her marriage to Nick, and a congratulations to myself, for finally getting the older brother (in-law) I’ve always wanted.


One thought on “Feel Good Lost

  1. Caroline says:

    I love this post! You have such an inspiring perspective and I really agree with you-about the feeling of home not just being one place but instead keeping friends and family close, all while learning to embrace that lost feeling (here’s to making mistakes right?!)

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