A good Ritter Sport





Was fortunate enough to get the timing right as Julia, Frances and I reunited near Stuttgart this weekend. My senior year of High School I befriended the exchange students, introduced them to my group of friends and, of course, took them to a few hockey games. At the time all of this was conducted in English seeing as the only German I knew was ‘Schlampa’ or Bitch, but after since having apologized for only using that word, it was really satisfying to spend the whole weekend only conversing ‘auf Deutsch.’ Not to mention, comforting to reunite with such good friends so far from home. 


Prom 6 years ago^



Above, a gracious albeit annoyed Knight (put a sword up to a drunks head seconds prior) was nice enough to pose with me. 

We also went to some caves near Reutlingen (very close to where I lived 4 years ago, Tuebingen) and managed to get a good walk in and even play in the snow a bit. It was hard leaving, sometimes I wish Germany was small enough that it’d be even easier to see Julia and Frances all of the time, but I’ve still got over half a year left and we’ll see one another soon. 



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