The Wizard of Osnarbrueck


This picture could be an advertisement for BahnCard 50. Not because it has anything to do with trains or cards or the number 50, but because it gave me the flexibility to head down to visit a few Fulbright friends for the day, last minute, and I saved 60 euro.

The city was nice, the company was nicer. After a noticeable effort to spend more time in Kiel (over two weeks, surprisingly my longest stint),  it was nice to get away for the day and I was rewarded by finding Hummus (again, the company as well).

My new apartment, getting my fender repaired, and one of my students inviting me over to play Fifa 14 have been huge difference makers. My commute to work is surprisingly shorter, despite being further away, I’ve signed up for a gym, started tutoring for free (not sure how the free part happened) and am hoping to get more involved yet. Upcoming trips to Berlin, Norway and Stuttgart this month so stay tuned for more posts and pictures.


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