abgeschlossene Vergangenheit

It has been too long since I’ve posted last, but I feel like I had a stretch were I was stressing out and letting myself focus on the wrong things too much to have been able to post something positive.

Abgeschlossene Vergangenheit is the phrase in German that describes the Preterit or simple past tense in German Grammar, finished or resolved history. The term or phrase, thanks to the Laws of Grammar, separates the noun from the past, no matter how important or mundane. Its time I not only work to improve my Grammar, but that I learn to separate myself from the past.

I was told recently, “the way you look at a problem is your problem.” That is the over under with stress, it isn’t some ‘name your beast and tame it,’ rather OVERthink and (not) UNDERstand. I’m focussing on what I can focus on, trying to become a better teacher and to speak more German. I had a great time in Denmark and I’m ready for round two.


abgeschlossene Vergangenheit


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