Wende - Big change or sudden turn

Before I could realize what was happening my Betreuungslehrerin and one of the Stadtwerk teachers/part-time sailing instructors were motioning for me to nod my head yes. Apparently by doing so I had vouched for my swimming qualifications, and with that I had signed up to go one of my schools sailing trips.

Before my placement I was hoping for a school that had some sort of soccer program or a town that had its own hockey team, but I would’ve never expected to be able to learn to sail, ‘auf Deutsch.’ My school has a few sail boats and its own very own water sport program and I was lucky enough to get out on the water before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

My fears of sea-sickness and disappointing my sailing crazed mom (in the nicest way possible) were quelled and even though we didn’t have a ton of wind it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had since learning how to ski a few years ago. The other teacher also added to the fun when we didn’t have enough wind to make it back into port. Rather than switch on the motor, we pulled out the oars and he made a make shift drum out of a barrel and barked at us in German while we rowed ourselves back in.

The embarrassingly focussed looking picture of me was taken by one of my students during my roughly 45 minutes as the ‘drehman’ (Drehen means to turn, similar to Dreidal in Yiddish, so steer-er). While playing Captain, I got to yell out “WENDE!” each time we changed direction and even though I laughed, embarrassedly, each time I said it, I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.


Wende – Big change or sudden turn


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