Trying out a new Cologne

Went back to Cologne this weekend on a whim thanks to a few cheap mitfahrgelegenheit (travel with opportunity/ride shares) that Leon arranged. I was pleased to find out that for as nice of a time I had in Cologne prior to my Fulbright orientation, it turns out we barely scratched the city’s surface. Granted I wasn’t too hard on myself seeing as I was woefully jet-lagged and sending mixed signals with my yellow hanky…

Anyways, It was a weekend of sleepily walking through the city and being rewarded with delicious food. Isabel’s friend Jana, who is also originally from Baden-Wuerttemberg, was also visiting so I got to practice trying to understand Schwaebisch all over again. They have a fun word, gel, which they use much like the Canadian ‘eh’ so I was naturally enthused. It was good to get away from my lonely apartment for a bit, but I’m ready for week two.


Trying out a new Cologne


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