Even Kiel

It makes two weeks today that I’ve been in Germany and a little over a week since I’ve gotten situated in Kiel. Today wasn’t my first day in school, but it was certainly the most fruitful. After a week of trying to find pillow cases that I had all along and looking out of place at my new school I finally introduced myself to students and got to participate. I edited a few short essays, clarified (or muddied) a few concerns my Betreuungslehrerin (teaching mentor fm.) had about grammar and helped answer general questions. Long story bad, it was what I had been hoping for and what I needed. It wasn’t a long day, I didn’t change any students outlook on life, but I helped and felt useful. It can be easy to fall in and out of moods being so far away from friends, family and home, but I got this. Right? Eh? Gel?

I drew the picture on my flight from Seattle to Hotlanta. The band Chastity Belt might be a little too snarky for some, but even over here I’m still humming it. Try Seattle Party, Black Sail and Nip Slip to see if you like ’em.


Even Kiel


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