A lot of sports teams have acronyms, the FC’s are easy (football/futbol club) but the Germans like to take it to another level. THW Kiel, z.B. or Turnverein Hassee-Winterbek could be translated to, a gymnastics club that is from the Hassee-Winterbek region of Kiel.

Long story bad, you would be surprised how quickly the average German can say those three consonants (w playing for both teams). It is pronounced Tay- Ha- Vay. Now mix in claps, different rhythms, beer and Germans and you’ve got yourself a fun evening.

It was a great game, had been losing by 8 and came back and won in the final 30 seconds. Next step, watching a soccer game. I think It may be unclear at this point if I’m here to teach English and improve my German or just go to as many sporting events as possible, I’ll let you be the judge of that. ¬†Regardless, I’m coming for you Holstein-Kiel, St.Pauli and HSV!


Here are highlights from the game last night (they are only pro-THW plays though fyi)


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