Can't rain on my parade

It appears that I’ve moved thousands of miles from home only to be find the same weather I grew up with. Grey, lingering rain less than 24 hours after a warm, muggy weekend. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I like to say, “Ich war ins Regen geboren und an Regen gewohnt, also brauche ich naturlich keinen regenschrim.”

Today was my first day at School/Work and other than the rain it couldn’t have gone any better. I actually was only in the school for 30 minutes to an hour since one of my guides took it upon himself to take me to get a bus pass and to register at the Rathaus. Granted this was all after I was introduced to most of my new colleagues, gawked at by most of the students and given a set of keys… All in a days work for ol’ Legs!


Can’t rain on my parade


2 thoughts on “Can’t rain on my parade

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Ben-I am a friend of your dad and just wanted to say that I loved you quote. I was born in the Bay Area but lived in Germany until I was 5. Now I am in Portland so it is totally appropriate. Jennifer

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