Listening to: drunk Americans singing O’Brother where art though ST

I haven’t been this popular since Youth and Government (All stories should begin and end like this). Ask me about it sometime over a beer. It is hard to believe that the last 4-6 days will have little to no bearing on the next 10 months of my life. It is frustrating to believe that, because I’ve worked so hard to be my best self. But I’ll take it all in stride and hope to keep the forward progress moving towards an entirely different experience. But this place has been like a freshman college orientation, an orientation where I made an effort to introduce myself to strangers and eat buffet style every meal, to skip out early on a Q and A to use the hotel’s pool facilities, and chug a beer with someone that reminded me of my dad at his age. So much more so much less. But I wish I could always be like this, I promise I’ll try to remember this 4 months from now. I promise I’ll keep trying. It hasn’t been a week and coming back to Germany has already recharged the batteries I bought 4 years ago and drained far too early. I can’t say I love life, but I love the opportunities that I’m getting to sort of date life, to fail and succeed but most importantly to try. *cheers I’ve certainly chugged a few heavy beers tonight.


Blog ohne Internet 2te stueck


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